How do I get access to the platform?

To be able to access the platform, you will be required to provide your login details. If they are correct you will then be able to use the system.

How do I renew my License

To renew your license, log in to the system, go to "My Licences", check for your license of category "Professional Licence", click on the license number, click "Renew License"

How do I change my profile picture

To change your profile picture, log in to the system, go to "My profile", click "edit picture" button and then upload profile picture.

How do I add my additional qualification?

To add your additional qualification, log in to the system, go to "My Profile", scroll down to the "Education" section, click "Apply For Additional Qualification". Fill in the form and submit.

How do I view Running CPD Activities

To view running CPD Activites, click on "CPD Activities" tab on the frontend

How do I view my CPD Points

To view your CPD Points, log in to the system, click on "My CPD" tab on the navigation menu

I have paid online but I have not been issued the license / certificate

Please follow the steps below

  1. Download Olycash App here
  2. Go to orders by clicking on top right menu under previous activity
  3. Take a screenshot of the order
  4. Go back to your application and select 'Bankslip' Option
  5. While attaching bankslip, please select 'OlyCash' as the bank and then upload the screenshot
  6. Submit to the council for approval